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About EllumiNation Dance

Beauty is the illumination of your soul -

Founded in 2018, EllumiNation Dance and instructors believe everyone can illuminate and unleash your beauty dancing on the stage. 

EllumiNation has devoted herself to Bellydance and Ori Tahiti (Tahitian Dance) education, providing quality dance classes and tailored trainings to students with diverse background. More than just dancing, we emphasize the importance of understanding the culture of each dance style, there is no better way than experiencing it in person in our classes!

At EllumiNation, we care about our well-being. We believe starting a hobby and having regular workout are keys to a balanced life. We aim to set up a fun and positive learning environment to encourage students to dance out and illuminate their soul - can't wait to see your EllumiNation!


Meet Our Instructors


Succeeded from plenty of renowned master teachers and choreographers,  Elsie is an award winner in multiple dancing and choreography competitions, and possesses professional experiences from being the adjudicator of competitions.


Elsie is a versatile and talented dancer characterized by her finesse and enticing elegance.  Her flair and techniques have brought her a lot of opportunities performing on stage in corporate shows, prestigious functions and high-end restaurants.


Elsie is expert at technique and muscle breakdown. She demonstrates her immense passion, dedication, proficiency and energy during class, sharing not only fun but also personal inspirations of dancing with students. With her extensive network among the dance communities, Elsie helps students explore a plethora of learning and performing opportunities. She also tailors choreography to bring out the best of students.

Elsie Mak


A creative and talented dance instructor, Connie has demonstrated her innate artistic talents since her early-age training in calligraphy and Guzheng. Growing genuine interest in Bellydance since 2013, Connie further devoted herself along with true passion in Tahitian Dance the year after – Ori Tahiti.


Apart from receiving extensive training by world-renowned masters of Middle Eastern and Tahitian Dance, Connie has in-depth study in the history of the dance culture and music as she believes mastery is achieved through comprehensive studies of the subjects.


Not only is Connie an exquisite performer of impeccable quality but also an acclaimed dancer instructor. On top of rich stage performance experiences, she has delivered Bellydance workshops and shows for companies and organizations. Connie’s enthusiasm and dedication in dancing has well impressed numerous audience as well as learners.

Connie Pang

3 Class Levels

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